Long Marble Necklace

This vintage inspired necklace has been hand strung and knotted in Cardiff, UK with white howlite stones, nylon thread and a sterling silver lobster clasp.

The necklace is an impressive 150 cm long, which is approximately 60". There are infinite ways to wear this necklace, it's like getting 10 necklaces in 1. Style it as a single long strand or layered it to create a multi strand necklace. So gorgeous!

Howlite is known to be a calming gemstone and is used to relieve stress, emotional and physical. It can also help with insomnia caused by an overly active mind.

✤ Natural white howlite gemstones (marble effect)
✤ Smooth beads, measuring 8mm in diameter
✤ Length of necklace: 150cm (60")
✤ Sterling silver lobster clasp

♡ Comes complete with a grey box, wrapped with white ribbon, ready for gifting ♡

❤ Handmade in Cardiff, UK ❤

Only the best nylon thread is used to ensure durability. A little knot is tied between every single bead to make sure the howlite beads do not rub against each other while being worn. If a beaded necklace has not been knotted, the rubbing will eventually damage the stones and there is a much higher chance it will break. Knotting will also prevent the beads from falling off the strand if it breaks.

Type: Necklaces

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