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Peridot and Opal Bracelet

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The bracelet is handmade to order in Cardiff, Wales with green peridot and fire opals

Natural peridot, measuring 4 mm. 

Natural Ethiopian opals, measuring 4 mm. 

The opals are individually selected for iridescent fire. Green, blue, red and yellow fires are reflected in the sunlight beautifully.

Opal is the birthstone for October and the Zodiac signs of Scorpio and Libra. 

Peridot is the August birthstone and and the 15th anniversary gemstone.

925 sterling silver clasp. 

∙ S I Z E S ∙ A V A I L A B L E :

∙ 15 cm (XS) - 6 inches
∙ 16.5 cm (Small) - 6.5 inches
∙ 18 cm (Medium) - 7 inches 
∙ 20 cm (Large) - 7.8 inches 
∙ 22 cm (XL) - 8.6 inches

Handmade to order with love in Cardiff, Wales

The bracelet comes complete with a velvet jewellery box, wrapped with white Pearlberry ribbon.

Ethiopian Opals are the newest addition to the Opal family. These stunning opals get their name (Welo Opals) from their place of origin: Ethiopia's Wollo Province. Ethiopian Welo Opals are known for their light colour and vivid play-of-colour.

Due to Ethiopian opals' hydrophane nature, they have to be kept away from water, abrasive products (perfume, lotions, makeup) and humidity. You can find more care tips on our blog. 

Type: Bracelets

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